Sweden Innovation Days

Let’s enable innovation that makes a difference

Sweden Innovation Days is returning and is taking place on 21-23 March 2023!

This digital event (free of charge) will focus on how to enable innovation that has a real impact on our society, environment and economy. Despite Sweden being a climate front runner, we still have a responsibility to contribute to the global goals.

The event is dedicated to fostering international collaboration, so whether you are a startup, intermediary or corporate, working in the public sector, civil society, academia or a government agency, there will be something for everyone. We all need to be part of the innovation journey! So join the league of the willing.

Watch this space for more information about this unmissable event.


Re-live all four days of Sweden Innovation Days 2022

Sweden Innovation Days 2022 was a free four-day, global digital event, dedicated to fostering international collaboration on January 17-20. It focused on what changes we need to make in order to achieve the UN’s Global Goals. We need to innovate how we innovate!

You can now relive all of the keynotes, panel discussions and interviews as well as a great range of deep dives with the fantastic experts that attended the event.

Missions to achieve the global goals

Mainstage - January 17

The Mainstage program – Missions to achieve the Global Goals

Fireside chat with Darja Isaksson

Sessions - January 17

Founders session with SurfCleaner


Preventative health & well-being

Mainstage - January 18

The Mainstage program – Preventative health & well-being

Fireside chat with Ebba Hallersjö Hult


Sessions - January 18

Join the pioneers in the north: Potential of green electricity and H2

Founders session with Thermaiscan


Indo-Swedish Co-Creation for innovation – De-carbonisation of Industry

Predictive Movement – A competitive neutral collaboration site for transporting people and goods with the help of AI


Designing missions – A playbook for getting it done


Side Events - January 18

Preventative health – what effects increased collaboration between Sweden and California may have on society, and how we can prevent people from being sick?

Co-creation for innovation

Mainstage - January 19

The Mainstage program – Co-creation for innovation


Fireside chat with Stina Lantz

Sessions - January 19

Talent scouting to open innovation and accelerator programs in Sweden

Graphene in Sweden: From lab to industry through collaboration

Bridging the digital divide: A sustainable model for full rural mobile coverage

New release of the European AI Startup Landscape

Making it happen – Swedish companies making an impact on the Canadian mining sector

Side Events - January 19

Futures Thinking – Vinnova meets Sitra

Accelerate electrification through innovation and co-creation

Indtech – Accelerating the transition towards a sustainable connected industry

Co-Creation Emergence Happening


Climate neutral cities

Mainstage - January 20

The Mainstage program – Climate neutral cities

Breakout session – Climate Smart Cities Challenge – The start of a journey towards system demonstration

Sessions - January 20

Solar cells on trucks for environmentally friendly transports

Founders session with WA3RM

De-carbonisation of Industry and Mobility through hydrogen

Side Events - January 20

Cyber challenges in future of mobility

Taking on climate tech: What can Sweden and Silicon Valley learn from each other?

Future thinking for building climate-positive organizations: Your guide to accelerating climate strategy